“I have known Paul's work and worked with him on a number of projects over the years. He knows what it takes to make a book work, and for that book to be competitive in the publishing world. His experience, skill, and knowledge are vast. I absolutely recommend him.”

Laurie Harper, AuthorBiz Consulting,

"I feel very fortunate to have found an editor with your knowledge, talent, and commitment. I have learned a lot from your informative critiques and comments and benefited greatly from your perceptive copy editing. I deeply appreciate the obvious hard work you’ve done to help me improve my writing. You always seem to know just what needs to be fixed. I can't imagine what I'd have done without your help during the process of revising my novel and finding an agent to represent it. I attribute much of my success in signing with a New York literary agency to your editing of my manuscript and assistance with the synopsis and query letter.

I really appreciate all the great work you've done on my behalf and all your words of confirmation and encouragement. Without your contributions and your support, I doubt that the publication of my first novel, VOLK’S GAME (Henry Holt & Co.), would have become a reality. I also thank you for your insights and your same high caliber of editing on the first draft of my second novel for Holt, titled VOLK’S SHADOW."

Brent Ghelfi
Phoenix, AZ

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Paul as an editor, and an extremely competent one at that. He was very helpful in guiding me through the publication process of my book. Additionally, he went above and beyond in assisting me in resolving the many inevitable problems that arise in the publication of a book. I don’t know how I could have done it without him, and I am most happy to highly recommend him as a competent, honorable and empathetic editor.”

Theodore F. di Stefano
Narragansett, RI
Author of  YOU CAN BUY A BUSINESS: How to Become Happily Self-Employed

“Paul Thayer is that rare combination of talent and soul. His editorial skills go far beyond basic copy, content and critique; he provides his writers with in-depth analysis and caring commitment.”

Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag
Phoenix, AZ
Author of the best-selling hardcover THE DANCING HEALERS: A Doctor’s Journey of Healing with Native Americans (HarperCollins) and other books.

"I have to compliment you on how great your edits and word choices are. I'm really impressed, so thanks."

Kendal Sheets
McLean, VA

"I've used Paul’s skills as an editor for my book. He is thorough, timely and talented. I highly recommend Paul if you are looking for someone who can help you with anything related to the process of writing."

Kathy Duane

"You write the Cadillac of critiques.”

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the work you’ve done for me."

"I continue to be impressed by the depth of your intelligence, professionalism, and skill at your job."

"You are an education and a joy to work with.” 

"I am most happy to highly recommend you as a competent, honorable and empathetic editor.”

"Just a note to let you know that I received the manuscript and your critique. Many thanks. I was thrilled to find such an excellent job, and I expect your feedback to be of immense value."